Pull Testers and Pull Tester Fixtures

The highest quality, lowest cost, portable Pull Testers on the planet. Unlike other lesser quality testers on the market, our pull testers are designed for a lifetime of low cost service. Oil leaks are a thing of the past at Force-Test. We perfected our tester’s seal design in May of 2015, and have not had one single failure since.


Here are some benefits:

• Open frame design allows you to see and place your hands as needed.
• Long-lasting ACME lead screw requires less force to operate, and does not
fail with repeated use.
• Extended travel, over 4” with our included RS-2K screw fixture to completely
extract even the longest roofing fasteners; fixture also reaches up to 1-7/8”
below the substrate for recessed screws.
• Strong frame, yet smaller and lighter than other portable pull testers.
• Built with tight tolerances and low friction polymer bearings to prevent
misalignment and rattling.
• Works with all Force-Test, and most Com-Ten fixtures.
• Durable stainless steel gauge guard to help prevent expensive repair bills.
• Stainless steel hardware.
• Air tight case with Kneeler insert included.
• One year warranty against all electrical and or mechanical defects.
• NIST Traceable calibration certificate included.

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